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You Don’t Have to Fight

Tony and Marie had been married for ten years. They were getting a divorce, but had a shared desire to make it easy on their children. They also wanted to hold on to what they had built and had no interest in wasting money on a legal fight.

Even though they both wanted an amicable solution, they began to get nervous about how it would play out. Tony felt guilty about why the marriage was ending and was ready to give up everything, but was also worried about the long term financial pressure of giving up too much. Marie was concerned about the predictable cuts in her lifestyle spending and how she would manage that.

I have shown countless couples how the combination of income, property division and support come together with post divorce budgets. Through financial analysis and my own custom designed tools, my clients understand the financial implications of their final settlement. 

Because they owned their house and most investment assets jointly, it made sense to work together on collecting all of the required financial facts.

I worked with them on an historic account of family income and expenses which allowed them to establish a picture of their household lifestyle. Because we were looking at their shared interests, it became much easier to get a realistic view of the present, as well as their future standard of living and goals . That allowed them to make informed and rational decisions.

By working things out together, we found a way for Marie to continue with her home based business while Tony was still able to pay his expenses and support payment without working too much overtime. This gave him the ability to enjoy time with his children. 

Having worked with one financial expert to help them, they also saved money on legal fees which they put into an education fund for when their children went to university.

Most couples really do want to arrive at divorce settlement that works 

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