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Take Control of Your Divorce

The cost of an uncontested, out-of-court Separation Agreement is normally unpredictable. Fees routinely range well beyond $15,000 per person.

Even if you avoid going to court, which is notoriously lengthy and expensive, there are risks to traditional Out-of-Court settlements.

These include:

  • If you do it yourself, you will almost certainly lack the full financial disclosures and legal expertise that are required to provide you with full protection.
  • Family lawyers charge by the hour and are trained in an adversarial system. Expenses mount unexpectedly when they quarrel and charge for each interaction.
  • The time frame is unpredictable when you hire lawyers or a mediator who do not communicate regularly with one another or interact smoothly.
  • Family lawyers are not financial specialists. You risk a settlement that doesn’t have the expertise to determine support obligations and equalization of assets accurately.
  • Many lawyers will need their retainers topped up several times during the course of finalizing a divorce. Clients are usually okay with this once or maybe twice, but as the costs escalate over time, there can be a loss of goodwill in the relationship.

All the Expertise You Need in One Place

The Modern Divorce team includes a communications coach, a divorce financial specialist, and two lawyers working independently and together with couples who are looking for smart solutions for their separation.

We help couples reach a legally binding settlement within 6 to 10 months or less.

We have a number of flat fee packages to choose from.

For clients who qualify, payment can be deferred until the case is settled. This can also include financing the rental of separate living quarters, if required, while your agreement is being negotiated.

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