Discover the Right Level of Service

You have a choice regarding the level of service that works best for you. Whether you have a lot of financial knowledge or just starting out, clients like my approach. I offer my experience to help you with your concerns, conflicts, and find solutions that fit your situation. You'll become more knowledgeable, stronger, and confident as you move forward through the divorce process.

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Your Divorce Financial Guide

When you want to handle much of your divorce on your own, I'm here to help. I act as your consultant, checking in with your decisions and answering your questions, making sure you don't make big mistakes. You can feel secure knowing things are on the right track.

Your Financial Advocate

If you prefer help for just one person, I can show you different scenario options, so you can reach your post divorce goals. I use facts and numbers to clarify anything discussed during the settlement process. People often pick this when the divorce is nearing finalization, but you want a objective look to make sure everything's accounted for and you’re not making any big mistakes. It can also help someone learn about family finances if they haven't managed them before.

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Your Financial Neutral For Mediated Divorce

Getting one financial expert instead of two can save you money during your divorce. This way, both spouses get the information they need to split assets and debts. This approach minimizes hassles and confusion. People often choose this when they are unsure or ready to hire lawyers but want to get started on the money part. I can adjust this to fit your family's needs.

Your Financial Neutral for Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative approach involves lawyers, child experts, and family professionals. We work as a team to find solutions that work for both of you. As a neutral, I can help you and your spouse solve the financial issues together. I look at financial info so both of you can make smart choices for yourselves and your kids.

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Package Prices

Because I genuinely care about your financial and personal success, my packages are designed to give you the services you need at the stage you need them.

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