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Grey Divorce is Different

After thirty years of marriage, Sandra, age fifty-four, and Gary, age fifty-eight, had grown apart and had little in common anymore. They decided to separate. However they did want to keep both their lives stable for the sake of their adult children and grandchildren.

As an expert in “grey divorce, I know these couples want to know that they will be okay after divorce. There is little room for conflict and high legal bills. I work with couples, providing detailed financial projections that shows how their divorce will affect their retirement years.

Gary had taken an early retirement package. Sandra continued to run her consulting service company. 

However Sandra was beginning to consider the option of giving up her business and finding a salaried position for the next few years. From a strictly legal perspective, Sandra would likely have to pay Gary spousal support. Working with me, they soon realized that Sandra wouldn’t be able to meet her expenses and Gary would have more income than he needed to meet his retirement lifestyle. This would create a difficult situation for Sandra which Gary didn’t want.

By running financial projections, they realized that if Sandra paid a small amount of support for a short period of time, they would both have enough money to pay their expenses and have the financial stability that they wanted for themselves through retirement. 

This decision earned them the lasting respect of their children, and their larger family life carried on with a minimum of disruption

Grey divorce is different…when you understand the financial outcome of your settlement, it reduces the worry about your future.

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