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Understanding Impact of a Separation Settlement

Don and Shirley were in the process of getting divorced. They owned a home, a cottage and various investments. During the course of negotiation, various settlement proposals had been discussed. There were a number of options regarding home and cottage ownership being discussed.

As an expert in financial divorce issues, I have shown countless couples how the combination of income, property division and support come together with post divorce budgets. Through financial analysis and my own custom designed tools, I make the discussions around finances in divorce both understandable and bearable. Working with me, my clients understand the financial implications of their final settlement. 

Don and Shirley considered selling the house and continuing to own the cottage together. They also considered Shirley keeping the house while Don continued to own the cottage on his own. They looked a range of possible options regarding how support might be paid presented to them by their lawyers.

Before they signed off any of them, they both wanted to know what effect these proposals would realistically have on their financial future. 

I create financial forecasts that outlined a variety of scenarios. I worked with both of them to examine realistic assumptions about future housing, cottage expenses, and other lifestyle expenses. 

This way, they could evaluate various outcomes depending on what assets they would continue to own and what changes they may have to make in their lifestyles 

As a result, they understood what they could realistically expect in each scenario. Having gone through the process they realized there was only one scenario that would give both of them a financial foundation that would work with their goals. 

They were able to come to a amicable agreement that gave both of them confidence in their financial future. 

Divorce is possibly the largest financial transfer you will encounter in your life. You don’t want to make a decision without the right information.

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