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Contemplating Divorce

Tim and Donna are both in their late forties and had been drifting apart during the last five years of their marriage. Donna is considering divorce and is really worried about the financial impact of divorcing at this stage of life. 

Donna is a teacher and has a good understanding of what her teacher’s pension will be- she has already picked an early retirement age as teaching is taking a toll on her health. She realizes that the divorce may change that and as a result, she may have to work longer. She wants to understand the process, particularly how her divorce will impact her pension, and wants to feel like she has some control over the outcome before starting the legal machinery.

As a pioneer in divorce financial consulting, I am a trusted professional who can guide you through the divorce process. I help you understand your financial situation and assess the impact of your settlement. 

Donna booked a separation strategy session with me. I explored her process options, identified her biggest fears and any money hangups she may have and how best to address them. I explained what’s included in a separation agreement, the questions that divorce lawyers will ask, and also a sense of the overall picture once the process is complete. I created a strategy for Donna regarding the practical next steps she needs to focus on. 

This includes tips on how to begin to collect and organize her financial information, and on how to creating a current budget and future spending plan.

I provide her the information she needed to create a solid and realistic exit plan before making her final decision.

Making the decision to divorce is hard. However, understanding the required steps you need to take is key to making the process manageable and bearable

You don’t want to make a decision without the right information.