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Why Collaborative Teams Work!

Collaborative Team of lawyers, financial & family professionals working together with their clients

Negotiating a Separation Agreement with the assistance of a collaboratively trained family law team brings about creative solutions that benefit the family long-term. Here is an example of a client-focused approach to a very common child support issue.

Sam is in sales and receives a salary plus bonus. The bonus is paid twice a year in very inconsistent amounts. Susan works full time too and her salary is the same as Sam’s base salary. Sam and Susan are sharing parenting time with their children. Both will have a child support obligation based on their incomes for the last calendar year. Sam is concerned about his cash flow, as he received an unusually large bonus last year, which his company tells him is unlikely to happen this year. 

The professionals discuss how best to approach the issue in order to acknowledge both parties’ wish to ensure the children’s financial needs are met, their concerns about cash flow, and their willingness to make an agreement that is fair to both of them. The lawyers and parents agree to ask the financial neutral to run several calculations, using last year’s incomes and this year’s estimated incomes, as well as cash flow projections based on Susan and Sam’s incomes and budgets. The family neutral works with both parents to understand their interests and motivation, and to help rebuild trust in each other. The lawyers review the scenarios with their respective clients before the team meeting to help prepare them for a discussion of the various possibilities. All of this preparation allows Sam and Susan to work out an informed, creative solution that takes into account their individual cash-flow and ensures the children have similar lifestyles in both homes. 

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