What clients say about Financial Divorce Consulting


I can’t say enough kind words about her. Eva Sachs helped me immensely in finding my footing in the area of personal finance, as I worked though my separation. She also connected me to other professionals to support me in my next steps. She is a member of at least two Collaborative Professionals groups, so her training and experience are appreciated by those working with mediators.

Eva brought warmth, understanding, and clear-headed strategic thinking to the negotiations based on her years of experience. Her unbiased and frank advice cut through to the heart of things, helping me reach a resolution. I feel hopeful about the future

Yes , I think that a financial plan and strategy going forward is what  is desperately needed. Thank you for forwarding  the   expenses tracking  template. I  like the way it's laid out. I will tackle it this weekend. I'm really finding  your input useful, Eva!

Thank you for compiling my financial information so quickly. It is really a relief. I feel like I can breather easier (literally) and feeling more empowered seeing it organized like this

I feel very comfortable with you today and believe you will be able to help me out of this 'fog' I am in. You are giving me the tools to tackle my new life and gain control. You are helping me lessen this feeling of overwhelming anxiety that I have every day .

Thank you for a very productive meeting this morning. I have a fairly good understanding of my finances. However, your forecast projections based on the  various amounts of possible  spousal support payments gave me a concrete picture of the  results  over the next 10 years. This helped me formulate a proposal to settle.