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How to Protect Your Financial Security Amid a "Grey Divorce"

Grey Divorce continues to be on the rise. Well over a third of people who are getting divorced are over the age of 50. Divorce among people age 50-64 has levelled off but it has continued to climb for those over 65 as more Boomers hit that age group. About 50% of those people end up living alone.

If you are in the Grey Divorce demographics, you should be working with a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist. Watch and listen here

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CBC Cross Country Check Up

For Better or Worse

Break ups, separations and divorces are experiences that impacts couples and families across the country. They were in the spotlight this week when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau announced their separation. Here's my Interview with host Paul Hunter, about the financial planning side of breakups . Watch and listen here

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Dirty Laundry Podcast

It's all about the money

Join Amanda as Alex as they welcome to the conversation Eva Sachs, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

If you are curious about what is going to happen to your money, your home, your investments and your debts when you separate, than this is the episode for you!

Eva breaks down the complex financial components of a divorce into manageable chunks to leave you feeling informed and confident! Listen here

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Divorcing Today

What are the first steps when considering divorce

When you are considering divorce, there are so many different professionals than are available to support you. Hosts of Divorcing Today, family mediator Jennifer Aternino and mortgage specialist John Panagakos, speak with Eva to learn about her approach for anyone who is staring down the path of divorce and her advice about the first step. Watch and listen here

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Divorce Money tips

How to get more out of your finances during a Divorce

Even if divorce is not on the near horizon, Eva shares many topics to think about in this conversation. The hosts Nicole Girouard and Laura Moore of Bareslate ask the questions many of you are wanting to ask. she has a number of recommendations that you can follow during this time that don't involve lawyers or HUGE shifts - her careful navigation of this situation makes it much easier to go from "I don't know what to do", to "I have all of the information I need to make a clear decision." Watch and listen here

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Grey Divorce

Divorcing well after a long term marriage

Divorcing well after a long term marriage . During this podcast interview with Leanne Townsend, Eva discusses some of the issues that arise and how to best deal with clients divorcing at this stage of life. If you or your spouse are considering divorce and retirement, you won’t want to miss this episode. Listen here

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Divorce and Covid 19

How best to deal with divorce during the lockdown

As Canada begins to emerge from the impact of COVID-19, an increasing number of individuals are exploring or resuming the process of separation or divorce. Read more here

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One for the Money

MoneySense Budgeting after Divorce

Four single moms get personal about their money matters and ask a pro for advice. Read their stories and my tips for creating financial planning strategies after divorce. Read more here

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Collaborative Divorce

The Nightside with Barb DiGiulio

Listen here to my interview about the myths of divorce, why you need a divorce team, the benefits of team collaborative practice approach including financial divorce consulting and the growing trend of "grey divorce" with Barb DiGiulio on The Nightside NEWSTALK 1010 Radio

How does Divorce affect retirement plans

Get Smarter about Money with Rob Carrick

Rob Carrick & Eva discuss what happens to your retirement plan when you divorce. Watch here

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The Business of Uncoupling

Women of Influence

As the co-owners of Earth Inc., a successful landscape design firm in Toronto, Kennedy McRae and James Dale have the opportunity to meet (and create beautiful backyards for) some powerhouse women of influence. In this Q&A, they’re introducing the WOI community to their client, Eva Sachs, a certified financial planner and divorce financial consultant. Read more here

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How are assets divided in divorce

Get Smarter about Money with Rob Carrick

Rob Carrick & Eva discuss what happens to your retirement plan when you divorce. Watch here

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Splitting your assets means rethinking your retirement plan

CBC News Divorce Money Matters

Divorcing late in life has a great impact on retirement plans. You need to carefully review your retirement plan if you are close to retirement and thinking about divorce . Read more here

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