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Interview Videos

Advice for People Considering Divorce

 Hear Eva explain process choices you have when thinking about divorce and what  you need to understand  before making the final decision to divorce. Learn about the benefits of speaking to Eva first. 

How to Keep Divorce Amicable

 Hear Eva explain how working together with a couple can prevent an amicable divorce from turning ugly 

 How the Financial Side of Divorce Impacts Women 

 Hear Eva explain how she gives women in particular,  the financial confidence and guidance they need when they find themselves facing divorce 

 The Value of Financial Projections in Divorce 

 Hear Eva describe why having a financial road map is key to making an informed decision  when divorcing 

Making Financial Disclosure  easier for Lawyers & Clients alike

Hear Eva explain her  efficient modern process for collecting financial information and creating financial disclosure documents making this easier for lawyers and clients alike 

 The Financial Impact of Grey Divorce 

 Hear Eva explain how a divorce later in life is different and how she helps people go through 'Grey Divorce' 

Building a Divorce Team

 Hear Eva describe the benefits of having a divorce team of professionals  on your side when going through divorce