Financial Mediation

Divorce is more about finances than about just family law. Most issues that need to be resolved during the divorce process are financial in nature.  You may be better off working with a lawyer and divorce financial expert who have the combined  experience and expertise to guide your through your divorce negotiations.

Financial Mediation Process

Financial Issues


  • division of net family property
  • child support obligation of each parent
  • spousal support  how much & how long

Net Family Property


  • assets or debts need to be listed & valued 
  •  negotiate how they will be divided 
  •  tax implications of any transfers/sales

Support vs Income


  • calculating income for support purposes 
  • projected budgets need to be created 
  • after tax cash flow over time uncovers  future planning  choices

Mediation Team


  • consists of team with both legal and financial backgrounds
  • an ideal combination to manage negotiations and come to agreement
  •  have all the  information and guidance to make the most informed decisions

Financial Mediation


  • how long does it take?
  • typically 2-4 mediation sessions & on average 2-3 months
  • additional time spent gathering documents and  drafting an agreement
  • flat fee package pricing