Divorce Money Analysis

Will I be OK after my divorce?


Will I have to sell my house?

Will I have to go back to work?

Will I have to change my retirement plans?

Will my kids be OK?

How do divorce money matters come together?

You  are not alone in worrying about this when facing divorce. Your  financial needs are affected by many factors and lifestyle choices.

When you understand the financial outcome of your settlement, it reduces the worry and guesswork.

As a divorce  financial consultant, I  steer you through the disorientation that accompanies divorce.

By  asking the right questions and using sophisticated forecasting  software, I help you get the answers you need to build an ideal  settlement. 

Separation Divorce Money Analysis


A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is a divorce  financial consultant  who has specialized training in the  areas of divorce money matters:

-impact of dividing  property

-analyzing sources of equalization payments

-retirement assets and pensions

-executive compensation

-spousal & child support

-identifying tax problems & solutions

Settlement sometimes fail to take into account


 -lack of credit of one spouse

-inability of one spouse to afford upkeep of marital home if they choose to keep it

-sourcing/qualifying for financing 

equalization payment

- cash flow over time taking inflation into account

-factoring  future pension income